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2303 words | NC-17
kyungsoo values his sleep and minseok his privacy and they don't take lightly to having both messed with
a/n: written for this prompt aka i should stop pretending i write anything but smut tbqh

Everyone in the band and at least a good half of their fans seem to know Luhan gets bored easily and becomes even more of a troublemaker than usual whenever he is. Not as many people know about how Minseok doesn’t like people touching his phone and even fewer knows about what Kyungsoo’s like when his sleep gets interrupted, but the members are all well aware of the consequences.

So of course when three weeks before Exo M comes back to Korea, Luhan gets into the habit of swiping Minseok’s phone at night and texting all sorts of obscure and pointless messages to Kyungsoo, everyone else braces themselves for the upcoming retaliation. Zitao sighs dramatically when he finds out, proclaiming over breakfast that all the hair dye has finally gotten to Luhan and that they’d need a new singer as soon as possible. Yifan had chucked a piece of toast at his head, but the furrow in his brow had deepened as he eyes Luhan with concern.

Minseok is unnaturally calm about the situation however, simply taking his phone back every time and making no further comment about it. It is similarly peaceful in Seoul and Baekhyun had reported that Kyungsoo had not even mentioned the fact that he was being woken up at all hours.

Luhan loses interest in this soon enough and everyone just puts it down to pure luck and the other two being in particularly good moods with their upcoming reunion. By the time they fly back to Korea, Luhan has moved on to bugging Zitao over his plushie collection and the whole thing is mostly forgotten in favor of more important things.

He doesn’t think anything of it when Minseok corners him in the bathroom as the twelve of them are ready to head out to dinner, hand firm around Luhan’s wrist as he tells the others to go on without them. The door barely clicks shut before Minseok flattens him against the wall, mouth coming down on his neck, and when he pulls off, Luhan doesn’t even have to look to know that he’s now got a monster hickey just underneath his jaw.

“Minseok, what-” he gasped as the older man reached down to palm him through his jeans. It’s not like they haven’t done this before, the two of them stumbling out of closets and changing rooms more often than Luhan can count, only it’s usually Luhan initiating and Minseok sighing as he gets pulled into another one of Luhan’s spontaneous ideas.. He’s cut off when Minseok reaches into his jeans and jerks him off without preamble, strokes firm and deliberate and Luhan curls into Minseok’s shoulder with a groan. Luhan reaches for Minseok’s belt, but his hand is intercepted before he can fully get it off and he’s walked backwards by the hips, stumbling over stray shoes as they move into the bedroom across the hallway. Minseok doesn’t loosen up the grip he has on Luhan’s hip until Luhan hits the edge of the bed and lands on his back, the air going out of his lungs at the impact.

His jeans are stripped quickly but Minseok pins his hands down when he tries to discard his jacket and shirt. Luhan doesn’t fight back, because dominating Minseok is a side that rarely comes out, but is one that he secretly loves. Minseok preps him with lotion and two fingers, then a third a little too soon and Luhan whimpers when Minseok steps out of his jeans and pushes into him with a grunt. Luhan’s bent with his thigh against his chest and Minseok thrusts into him with a solid steady rhythm punctured by particularly hard ruts that has Luhan skidding back a little on the sheets and gasping at the sensations. He wraps his legs around Minseok just as there’s a noise in the doorway and Luhan freezes to see Kyungsoo watching them impassively.

“Kyungsoo! Minseok stop-” his warning trails off in a moan as Minseok angles perfectly and his cheeks burn when the older man doesn’t stop.

“Don’t worry about Kyungsoo,” Minseok says casually as if this was a common occurrence and surprisingly, rather than stepping away or telling them off, Kyungsoo just silently steps into the room and closes the door behind him. The lock of the door is loud in the silence.

Minseok ignores Luhan’s flustered protests about the fact that their bandmate was watching them have sex and Luhan is utterly self-conscious and a little mortified at the added presence in the room with them. If he is completely honest, it is also incredibly hot the way Kyungsoo’s eyes does not waiver from where Luhan is spread out and panting under Minseok’s ministrations. There’s not much he can do when the other is pinning him down and touching him in all the places Minseok knows will make him unravel. Luhan tries to hold back the heat pooling low in his stomach as well as the sounds bubbling from his throat, but it doesn’t take long before he comes messily with a shout, body flushed from his orgasm and embarrassment.

He sits up, completely thrown at the turn of events and his eyes widen when he sees Kyungsoo with his hand over his crotch and an unreadable expression on his face. This wasn’t the Kyungsoo who fussed over Jongin’s hair or made breakfast for all of them. This was the Kyungsoo that Luhan had only seen glimpses of- after a particularly grueling practice, when one of them is upset, the brief flashes after a host says something distasteful or stupid. This is the Kyungsoo that crosses the space between them and pushes Luhan’s jacket off his shoulder. Before Luhan can shrug out it himself, hands twist the fabric around his biceps, looped so that his forearms are pulled right behind his back. He throws Minseok a startled glance, now half immobilized as Kyungsoo leans down to kiss him, open mouthed and deep.

“What is going on, guys?” Luhan gasps out when Kyungsoo pulls back, more out of genuine curiosity than concern, simply because he could not fathom a reason for this.

Kyungsoo doesn’t answer him until he’s made sure Luhan can’t get out of his jacket and when he does, he leans all the way in, whispering it straight into Luhan’s ear. “Payback,” the English word falls like an invitation and an order from Kyungsoo’s lips and when he’s told to get on flip over, Luhan does it without another word.

He squirms when Kyungso touches his bare thighs, eyes darting to Minseok, who merely raises an eyebrow at him and takes Kyungsoo’s place in the armchair without a word, seemingly unfazed that their bandmate was now sliding two fingers between Luhan’s legs. Luhan gasps as unfamiliar fingers open him up, body still oversensitive from his orgasm and he’s panting unevenly by the time Kyungsoo adds another finger. He’s still sleek with Minseok’s release and it’s an easier push when Kyungsoo presses in, but Luhan still arches at the movement.

With his arms behind his back and his ass up in the air, Luhan surrenders control to Kyungsoo and he’s surprised by the surety and skill with which the other fucks him. Behind those wide eyes and that cute smile, Kyungsoo is all strength and stamina, much like Minseok is and there’s no shyness in the way he grips the twisted up jacket and takes Luhan at a steady, demanding pace. Despite still being utterly confused and mildly humiliated, Luhan is hard again before long, turned on by the unexpected dominance and his forced submission.

It’s much too hot in the room with what they’re doing and Luhan tries to wrestle an arm free so he can ditch the jacket, but Kyungsoo’s hand clamps down on his forearm. “No, Luhan, we like you all tied up and helpless.”

Luhan struggles, even as the low tone of Kyungsoo’s voice makes him shiver in pleasure. His pride won’t let him take this without a fight. “I don’t care what you two like, what are you going to do? Fuck me some more?” he bites out even as his breath stutters when Kyungsoo thrusts in at the perfect angle.

He grins when Kyungsoo stays silent and he’s about to try and get his arm free again, when Kyungsoo pulls out completely and leaves him with his face pressed against the sheets and his erection hot against his stomach. He turns to see Kyungsoo wrap his hand around Minseok’s hard on with a cool glance his way and Luhan moves onto his side as he growls at them. “You can’t just leave me here like this!”

“Watch us,” Minseok says with obvious amusement and Luhan curses at them both as they continue to touch each other whilst leaving Luhan painfully turned on and unsatisfied on the bed.

His desperation grows and he snaps when Minseok moans low in his throat. “Fine! You can leave the jacket on, just don’t leave me hanging, you assholes.”

It seems to be what they were waiting for, because as soon as he says it, Kyungsoo pulls away from Minseok and walks back over, gaze heavy with intent. “You can take off the jacket if you promise to be a good boy.” His voice is rough and pitched as low as it goes and Luhan groans at the sound.

“I don’t care, I’ll do whatever you want, just finish what you started!” He’s so painfully hard, it’s a miracle he hasn’t come already.

Kyungsoo smiles, pleased and he sits down on the bed and unties the jacket, before pulling Luhan onto his lap. “Good boy. Although you haven’t been very good lately have you? You know what happens when someone can’t sleep at night, Luhan?”

Luhan barely registers what Kyungsoo is saying , too preoccupied by the hands lifting him up and spreading him open; the hot moistness of words mouthed against his ear.

Kyungsoo seems unfazed by Luhan’s lack of answer. “They have a lot of time to think…and fantasize.” Luhan muffles a groan as the blood rushes back into arms and as he sinks down onto Kyungsoo’s length, the other thrusting up almost as soon as he’s settled. Luhan curls into Kyungsoo, almost dizzy from the combined sensation of being fucked and the pins and needles sting down his arms. Soon though, that all fades and Luhan is left moaning as Kyungsoo maneuvers him up and down. He almost doesn’t register Minseok standing up and moving up behind him until there’s a hand moving up his inner thigh. Then a finger slides in beside Kyungsoo and Luhan jerks.

“Minseok what are you-” his question breaks off with a gasp when Minseok pumps in and out quickly before pushing a second digit in. Kyungsoo has slowed his pace, rocking into him gently, but Luhan is writhing in his lap as Minseok finger fucks him open wider. “Minseok, I…I don’t think I can take you both-”

Minseok shushes him by peppering kisses down his spine and squeezing more lube onto his fingers, before sliding the third in and Luhan’s breath hitches at the sensation. His head drops back onto Kyungsoo’s chest again and a thrill runs through him at the thought of what’s to come. His dick jumps a little when Minseok pulls out and Luhan feels the nudge of his cock against his entrance to replace his fingers. A quick look up shows that the reaction didn’t go unnoticed when Kyungsoo smirks at him. Even prepared though, Minseok still feels too large and Luhan cries out as the older man pushes in slowly. They both stiffen at the cry and Kyungsoo starts to pull out, a hand on Luhan’s cheek to lift his head in concern. Minseok too has stopped, a soft, inquisitive touch on his shoulder. Luhan sucks in a deep breath. “Don’t stop.”

Kyungsoo drops one hand to clutch at Luhan’s thigh and the other rubs up and down his ribs to sooth him as Minseok grips his hips and sinks all the way in. There are tears in his eyes and they give him a moment to adjust, one pulling mostly out to let the other push in and they go slow and steady, until Luhan’s panting and rocking his hips back against them. Just when Luhan thinks he couldn’t possibly be more full, they both pull away a little and thrust back in together. Luhan yells himself hoarse with a combination of their names and curses in both Korean and Chinese, arching sharply as they move in sync. The pace they set feels relentless to Luhan, their hard lengths rocking into him continuously and he screams when it all becomes too much, coming so hard that he almost blacks out.

He’s limp between them as they fuck him through his orgasm and Luhan can tell they are close, the stuttering in their rhythm and the rough noises in their throats and Kyungsoo comes first, hot cum making Luhan moan and Minseok follows not long after, grunting as he empties into Luhan. When he pulls out, Luhan can feel the sticky trickle down his thigh and if he wasn’t so completely exhausted, the feeling of it would’ve been enough to make him hard again.

Instead he just buries his face in Kyungsoo’s sweaty shoulder and lets Minseok spoon up behind him. Just before he drifts off, he catches sight of Minseok’s phone on the bedside table and thinks, oh, oh.

Jongdae had been right, Luhan thinks groaning softly. It had been the thing to do to push their buttons, only he had not expected this to be the reaction. Jongdae on the other hand probably knew exactly what he was getting Luhan into and Luhan drifts off to sleep, thinking of dishing out a little payback himself.

/ w h y (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
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