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but yes, this is the sequel of sorts to Pure because Ana broke my soul with the angsty!hanhae ending and i just had to fix it because, well, it's HANHAE.

Title: Impure
Pairings: Hanhae, Kyuhan, Kyuhanhae
Genre: smut, angst, but mostly just smut lol
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hankyung had finally found the one he's meant to be with, only he had hurt the one person who had always been there for him. Plagued with guilt and regret, what is Hankyung to do when Donghae suddenly reappears in his life.
A/N: Sequel to Pure and this one's for Ana and all the hanhae stans out there :D


“Come on, hyung!” Donghae shouts over his shoulder, running back and grabbing Hankyung’s hand and pulling him along. “We’re going to miss the fireworks!”

“Are you going to make a wish Hae?” Hankyung laughs breathlessly as they stop by the river, the colourful display already sparking across the night sky.

Donghae turns to face him, eyes bright and smile infectous. “Yes! I’m going to wish we’ll be like this forever! Happy and together!”

Hankyung had chuckled at the younger boy’s earnestness, slinging an arm around Donghae’s shoulders and making a silent wish that Donghae will always be happy-

Hankyung jerks as the bell rings and he shakes his head to clear the memories, eyes wet with unshed tears and he quickly gathers up his books, heading out of the classroom.

“Hey,” a soft voice stops him barely a few meters down the corridor and Hankyung turns, eyes softening as he turns and sees his lover waiting for him.

“Hey yourself,” he replies with a smile, accepting the light kiss Kyuhyun drops on his lips.

It’s been nearly a year since Hankyung had gotten together with Kyuhyun- and broken the heart of his best friend at the same time. The days without Donghae has been hard, much harder than Hankyung would have thought and it’s only because of Kyuhyun that he’s been able to endure. Even so, there’s still an ache in his heart whenever he thinks of the younger boy.

If only Donghae had not left…perhaps everything would be different.

There’s some party Yoochun is throwing and Hankyung goes because Yoochun is the captain and the entire basketball team is pretty much obliged to turn up. Hankyung’s glad he’s at least good friends with the man, otherwise it would be a hell of a boring night with Kyuhyun staying back at the dorms to cram for his exam tomorrow.

By the time Hankyung gets there, the party’s already in full swing and he edges into the house, moving past people dancing and making out, wincing as someone steps on his toe and he gives up trying to find Yoochun because there were just too many people. His favourite song starts playing and Hankyung closes his eyes and lets the music carry him, moving instinctively to the beat.

There are a few people moving against him, but none brave enough to really make a move, so Hankyung lets them be. It’s a party, what’s the point of making a big deal of a little harmless dancing? It’s not until a hand slides along his stomach and pulls him back flush against a solid body that Hankyung’s eyes snap open in surprise. He pulls away, turning around to tell the other to back off, he’s already taken, when he comes face to face with familiar brown eyes and his stomach drops out immediately.

Kyuhyun glances up, frowning as Hankyung hurries into the dorm and closes the door behind him a little too forcefully. “Geng? What’s wrong? Geng?”

Hankyung doesn’t answer, eyes wide as he sits down on his bed, pulling up his legs to his chest. Kyuhyun gets up and moves onto the bed next to the Chinese man, eyes confused and concerned. “Geng? Did something happen at the party?”

Hankyung reaches out, climbing into Kyuhyun’s lap and burying his face in the other’s neck, holding on tight as if to ground himself. “Kyu….I saw him.” Hankyung can feel Kyuhyun’s arms tighten around him and he knows that they both know who he’s talking about, but he says it anyway.

“Donghae’s back.”

Hankyung’s on edge for the entire next week, but Donghae doesn’t approach him until after dance practice on Friday, steps into the practice room as people are packing up. Donghae walks right up to Hankyung and the rest of the dancers clear out immediately, picking up the tension in the air.


Donghae doesn’t smile, eyes hard and distant as he stares back. “Hello, Hankyung hyung.”

“I…how are you?” Hankyung mutters uncertainly, unsure why Donghae is back or what he wants.

He knows immediately that it’s the wrong thing to say, because Donghae’s eyes darken.

“How are you? That’s all you have to say when I come back after a whole year? After you bro-” Donghae cuts himself off, jaw clenching.

Donghae looks so angry, and so hurt at the same time that Hankyung reaches out before he realizes, a hand against Donghae’s cheek and the younger man flinches, grabbing Hankyung by the shoulders and shoving him away. The push is hard enough to send Hankyung slamming into the floor length mirrors, gasping at the unexpected impact and Donghae take the opportunity to step in closer, one hand on his hip holding Hankyung in place and the other tugging at his loose pants, pulling it down along with his boxers and Hankyung tries to push Donghae away, because this was just so wrong.

“Did you miss me, hyung?” Donghae whispers against his ear, hand tugging at Hankyung’s member none too gently, twisting his hand so the older man cries out. A few more tugs and Hankyung squirms, the throb in his member making him panic.

“Hae….don’t do this, we shouldn’t-”

Donghae spins Hankyung around so he’s pressed against the mirror, its coolness against his sensitive skin making Hankyung hiss and when he feels a cool digit push between his ass, he slaps a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound he makes.

“Do you miss me hyung? Do you miss this?” Donghae growls, pumping Hankyung’s cock faster and pushing in a second finger at the same time. Hankyung cries out and scrambles for purchase, head spinning and his heart in his throat, because he’s about to be raped in the practice rooms and this was Donghae.

It’s that thought, and not the third finger stretching him open that breaks him and his legs give out and Donghae’s the only thing holding Hankyung up. He’s crying, hard and violently, sobbing as he thinks of what he’s done, how much he must’ve broken Donghae to turn that kind, innocent boy into this man and Hankyung doesn’t even realize Donghae’s hugging him until the other starts muttering apologies in his ear, how he had wanted to hurt Hankyung for breaking his heart and take revenge- but please stop crying hyung, please, I can’t see you like this- and he’s sorry, he’s so sorry.

They end up on the floor, Donghae holding Hankyung as they both cried until no more tears came, weighed down by the respective guilt in their hearts.

“Are you okay?” Kyuhyun asks softly as he lifts Hankyung’s leg so he can thrust in deeper, savouring the moan he draws out, but knowing that there was something very wrong with his lover.

Hankyung nods briskly, eyes firmly shut, hand digging into Kyuhyun’s hip to urge him to keep moving and stop talking.

He needs this, needs Kyuhyun to take him completely and utterly so he can feel normal again, so that he can forget the feel of Donghae’s hands on him, around him, inside him. He needs to be claimed by Kyuhyun again, punished enough so that he will never even think about doing anything like that again.

“You know you can tell me anything right?” Kyuhyun rubs comforting circles on his back and Hankyung nods, wrapping his legs around Kyuhyun’s waist and relishing the intake of breath from the other as he sinks as deep as he can go.

This is is his life, his love, and there’s no room for Donghae here no matter how much he might want there to be.

Hankyung’s curled up on the couch, listening to Kyuhyun play on the guitar, smiling at the bright spark in his lover’s eyes and the happy smile on his lips. He’s glad that Kyuhyun’s finally decided to take up his passion, even if he’s only doing it as a hobby. With Hankyung’s help, he’s even discussed his love for music with his father and to Kyuhyun’s surprise, the older Cho had not been against the idea of his son persuing music. Ironically, it is this acceptance that had made Kyuhyun decide to continue his studies as a lawyer.

Hankyung doesn’t realize he’s staring at Kyuhyun, until his lover stops playing and moves next to him, nudging Hankyung with his knee. “Earth to sexy Chinese dancer with the nice ass.”

He laughs at Kyuhyun’s childish comment, reaching out and linking their hands, feeling content at the ease which they loved. They’ve come so far since the beginning days of hiding their feelings and playing mind games.

Hankyung frowns, “my ass is just nice?”

Kyuhyun grins, “it’s very nice.” As if to demonstrate his point, he slides his hands up Hankyung’s legs to squeeze at said ass.

Hankyung giggles, swatting at Kyuhyun’s hands, laughing as Kyuhyun’s mock hurt expression, yelping in surprise as Kyuhyun grabs both his legs and pulls Hankyung down on the couch. Kyuhyun leans over to kiss Hankyung, one hand sliding up Hankyung’s thigh, caressing teasingly and teeth undoing the drawstrings on his shorts. Kyuhyun licks a wet path up Hankyung’s enclosed length through the thin fabric of his underwear before removing that too and running his tongue up and down the hardening member as if he was tasting the most delicious lolly ever. He doesn’t do anything more than lick and place soft kisses until Hankyung is jerking his hips instinctively, wanting more, needing something more than this teasing.

Kyuhyun’s in a particularly playful mood, Hankyung can tell as the other, instead of doing what Hankyung wanted, straightens and pulls his tie loose, wrapping it around Hangeng’s wrist and tying it to the table next to the couch. Hankyung raises an eyebrow, tugs at his hands above his hands experimentally and he opens his mouth to protest, but then Kyuhyun takes most of Hankyung’s member into his mouth and he can only moan. Kyuhyun sucks and licks and works him until he’s right on the edge, hips bucking and his cock throbbing and standing fully erect.

Hankyung’s about to tell Kyuhyun to please hurry up, when the door opens without warning and Hankyung feels his blood go cold, because it’s Donghae, Donghae who he had hurt all those months ago, who he feels the most regret to and now here he was, the same terrible situation.

He tries to push Kyuhyun off, but his hands are tied and Kyuhyun just pushes his hips down and swallows him whole, drawing a loud moan involuntarily out of him.

Hankyung looks up fearfully, but Donghae’s not running this time, instead his face is blank, eyes dark with something unreadable and that, combined with Kyuhyun’s tongue dipping into his slit, sends Hankyung over the edge, spilling hard and fast into Kyuhyun’s mouth.

As soon as he is recovered enough to think, Hankyung glances up at Donghae, who moves calmly into the room, closing the door behind him and to Hankyung’s shock, exchanges a nod with Kyuhyun, who wipes his mouth and raises an eyebrow.

“That’s what you get for trying to force yourself on my boyfriend,” Kyuhyun says lightly, moving past Donghae and back to his desk. “Now this is to say sorry for what happened last year.”

Hankyung looks between the two of them bewildered. “What the hell is going on? Kyuhyun? Donghae?” His boyfriend just shrugs and leans back into his chair and when he turns to Donghae, the younger man just smiles and drops down onto the couch, a hand moving to spread Hankyung’s legs, making him gasp and look wildly at Kyuhyun, who just raises an eyebrow with a smirk.

Donghae runs his fingers through the sticky white substance on Hankyung’s stomach and member, before slipping a hand between Hankyung legs and the Chinese man jerks as a long digit slips inside him. Continuing to move the finger in and out, Donghae pulls Hankyung’s shirt up and bends to lick at one of his nipples, tongue flickering against the sensitive bud, before sucking on it until it was hard and glistening. The second finger slips in at the same time Donghae bites down slightly on his nipple and Hankyung’s eyes flutter shut at the sensations. It’s not long before he’s bucking down on the fingers up his ass and struggling against his restraints, Donghae licking a path along his hipbone to distract him. By the time Donghae pushes in the third digit, Hankyung’s hard again, cock pulsate against Donghae’s palm, breathing ragged and skin flushed.

Some part of his mind is protesting, even as his body reacts willingly, because it wasn’t right to fingerfucked by another guy, when one’s boyfriend is barely a meter away. But then Donghae undoes his belt and lets his pants drop and Hankyung feels his mouth go dry, because Donghae was hard, so very hard and the raw desire in the younger boy’s eyes made his stomach tingle.

Donghae reaches up and unties his hands and this is the moment where he should push Donghae away, tell him that he’s sorry, but he can’t do this. Instead he reaches up and lets his fingers tangle in Donghae’s hair and they come together with a kiss, Hankyung crying out into Donghae’s mouth as he feels the hard length pushing into him. It’s too easy the way they fit, the way Donghae seems to mold with him, maybe because everything was just easier with Donghae.

Donghae’s thrusts are powerful, but gentle as if he’s scared to do anything to hurt Hankyung and that hesitance is what makes Donghae so special to him; and he is special, more so than Hankyung had wanted to admit, but true nonetheless.

He pulls Donghae closer, kisses him passionately and Donghae responds instinctively, kissing back deeper and body moving faster and harder, until he had Hankyung crying out with each thrust, head thrown back and body quivering with need.

Donghae’s thicker, he thinks distractly, not as long as Kyuhyun, but fuller, and it’s shouldn’t be a revelation, because this wasn’t their first time, no matter how much it felt like it. They’ve done this before, only then Hankyung had been thinking about Kyuhyun, about whether to use his powers on him, whether Kyuhyun might love him too. He had used Donghae to forget his heartache and the process had been nothing more than hurt and distraction.

He was here this time though, Hankyung thinks with a smile, clutching at the other man as he pushed one of Hankyung’s legs to his chest, thrusting in to the hilt. Hankyung throws back his head and comes hard with a hoarse shout.

He was definitely here this time.

Donghae’s heavy slumped on top of him, breathing hard and Hankyung can feel the fast beating of the other’s heart against his skin, as well as the sticky mess all over them, but Hankyung doesn’t have the energy to move. Donghae gets up though, stepping back to let Kyuhyun pass and Hankyung yelps as his boyfriend picks him up and walks across the room, dropping him onto the bed.

“Kyu? What’s going on? Donghae and you and-”

He’s cut off when Kyuhyun lies down on the bed and maneuvers Hankyung on top, eyes widening as he realizes what Kyuhyun wants, opening his mouth to protest, but Kyuhyun’s got a deathgrip on his hips and Hankyung can only clutch at the sheets and cry out loudly as he sinks down on Kyuhyun’s hard length. Kyuhyun moves Hankyung’s hip up and down, setting a torturously slow pace as he fills Hankyung repeatedly, long member impaling him fully, brushing against his prostate each time and unlike Donghae where everything was new and uncertain, Kyuhyun knows him, knows his body more intimately than anyone and he knows where to touch, how to move, to make Hankyung come undone.

Kyuhyun brings Hankyung down for a rough kiss, all tongue and teeth, before bucking his hips up and Hankyung lets out a desperate moan, fire sparking up his spine and all through his body. Kyuhyun goes still, making Hankyung whimper and gestures to Donghae, who slides in behind Hankyung, warm hands sliding along his stomach, making him clench around Kyuhyun. Donghae’s mouthing at his neck, hands circling around his erection and Kyuhyun is doing these little rolls of his hips and Hankyung feels his eyes roll back at the overwhelming sensations.

“The lube’s in the second drawer,” Kyuhyun drawls as he runs his hands up the inside of Hankyung thighs and Hankyung thinks he’s missing something huge here, because what the hell is going on?

Something cold slides down his lower back and Hankyung gasps as Donghae spreads the cool substance between his ass cheeks, Kyuhyun hissing as Donghae wraps fingers around his base and twists. Donghae’s working his fingers in along with Kyuhyun’s cock and Hankyung’s head is spinning, because he is so completely lost and unsure of where this situation is heading that all he can do is just lean his head against Donghae’s shoulders and move his hips in time to Kyuhyun’s demands.

“Geng, I told you before,” Kyuhyun starts, hand playing with Hankyung’s member casually. “You can tell me everything. Even the fact you like Donghae.”

Hankyung opens his mouth to protest, even if he can’t really deny it, but Kyuhyun choses that moment to push his legs even further apart, causing Hankyung to fall forward slightly, Kyuhyun taking the chance to steal another kiss and for Donghae to push in another finger.

Kyuhyun swallows the gasp he makes and strokes Hankyung’s face softly. “So Geng, who do you choose? Me or Donghae?”

Hankyung freezes, heart stopping for a second and he knows he’s looking at his boyfriend with a pleading expression. “Kyu-ah…I…”

He loves Kyuhyun, has always loved Kyuhyun and nothing has changed, except maybe that he loves him even more. There was no way he could ever let Kyuhyun go. But Donghae, Donghae is so very important to him and Hankyung knows that he loves him too, perhaps not in the same way as Kyuhyun, but he still feels it with all his heart. To hurt Donghae again would kill him.

“It’s okay…you don’t have to choose,” Kyuhyun says softly and in that moment Kyuhyun has never looked more beautiful. Hankyung leans down and brings their lips together, Kyuhyun sliding an arm around Hankyung’s waist and sucking on his lower lip sensually, and they kiss until they run out of air. It’s hard to get lost in the moment for long though, when one’s best friend is working a third finger inside his ass, pumping them in and out trying to loosen him up, crooking his digits in a way that has Hankyung arching back and Donghae pulls him back for a kiss which he returns dizzily.

“I love you too much to make you choose, and I know Donghae does too. So you don’t have to anymore,” Kyuhyun says, eyes bright. “You can have us both.”

Hankyung doesn’t fully comprehend what Kyuhyun means until he feels Donghae press up behind him, the hard curve of his cock against his ass.

“No, no way, I can’t, it’s going to be too much, I-” he tries to reason with them to no avail, his protests dying on his tongue as Donghae bends him over, Kyuhyun wrapping long fingers around his erection and pumping to distract him as Donghae starts to push in. It hurt, even with the lube and the stretching and he’s crying out, choking on air, tears springing to his eyes and body jerking as he tries to take in the huge length.

When Donghae’s finally fully in, they stop, Kyuhyun pulling him down for a gentle kiss and Donghae rubbing his side comfortingly. When he feels like he’s ready, Hankyung shifts slightly, wriggling his ass a little and Donghae pulls mostly out and pushes in again and this time Hankyung moans deep, even through the hot burn. The two of them picks up a rhythm soon enough, Kyuhyun would buck his hips hard and right after Donghae would thrust in deep, drawing the most wanton sounds from Hankyung mouth.

There are two sets of hands on him, twisting his nipples and pumping his member and gripping his hips and thighs and two hard lengths inside him, filling him up, so very completely, like nothing he’s experienced and he’s stretched wider than he thought possible, but by the gods, it felt so amazing.

Hankyung’s nearly completely unraveled and the other two are nearly there as well, he can tell by the way their movements lose their rhythm, the two of them just thrusting blindly now, hard and fast and deeper, deeper until Hankyung can feel nothing, but their hot flesh inside him. They’re moving so hard now that Hankyung thinks that this bed is about to collapse at any moment, the cries and moans fillinng the room and he comes first, one hand clutching at Kyuhyun’s shoulder and the other gripping Donghae’s hand, body going taunt, mouth open in a silent scream. He shudders through his powerful orgasm, clenching down hard and that’s all it takes for the other two to lose it, Kyuhyun first, clutching his hip hard enough to bruise, closely followed by Donghae who buries his face in Hankyung’s neck, hot cum filling Hankyung up and flowing over, down the back of his thighs.

It takes them a moment before anyone can string enough coherency together to speak and it’s Hankyung who does, breathing ragged even now. “What. The. Hell. Guys.”

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and stretches, putting his hands behind his head, looking every bit like someone who just got laid, bed hair, hickies and all. “Oh please, don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it. And plus, I solved your problem didn’t I? Now you don’t have to choose.”

Before he can reply, Donghae slides an arm around Hankyung’s waist, dropping a kiss on his shoulder. “Yes hyung, now you can have us both.”

Hankyung pokes Donghae in the ribs, which just makes the other press in closer and he drops his head on Kyuhyun’s chest, sticky and sore, but more content than ever.

This wasn’t the way he had imagined his future, but it was more than he could’ve ever dreamed.


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  • Fly Away (home)

    This little thing is my baby for the Miracle Contest. I dont even know, i love it even if it's weird /clings to it Dedicated to catskilt

  • Affair of the Heart

    Hello all my lovelies~ i've been kinda non-existent lately, mianeh! im sort of on a semi-hiatus, but i love you all to leave even when i really…

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    MY LOVELIES~ sorry i've been kinda MIA lately (as usual <.< ) the brain-eating by uni is still going along steadily and i barely have any…