February 14th, 2011



Hi lovelies, I hope things are going swimmingly for you all, both in real life and in terms of writing and that this evil muse-eating monster is attacking me alone.

I already posted most of this as a part of my WIP post before, but a few people wanted this finished and because I'm a lazybutt, my twin Ana static_abyss finished it instead!
(for anyone curious, ana wrote the part after the classroom encounter. so you can all go kill her for the ending heheheh)

Title: Pure
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Hangeng, Hanhae as well as many other geng-pairings
Rating: R?
Genre: angst, smut
Summary: Hankyung has the power to make anyone fall in love with him without even trying. Everything and everyone comes easily to him...until he meets the one person worth trying for.

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Happy Valentines day everyone <3